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Hi, everyone! I hope everyone had a brilliant Fall term. I took off for a while and am looking forward to finishing off my last class this Spring. Good times.

Anyway, that's not why I'm here. I'm here because of SPAM. We've gotten a lot of SPAM this month. All of those posts had links in them, so I'm turning on moderation for posts with links.

If you aren't a spammer, feel free to include links in your posts. Your posts might just might not show up for a few hours. I'm not moderating for content, just trying to keep the Russian spammers at bay.

Have a great break, everyone!

Free 2-day shipping at for students

Amazon is offering a free year of their Amazon Prime service (normally $79 a year) to any student with a .edu email address. Not only does this give you free 2-day shipping on all orders, but you can also get next day shipping for $3.99:

If you're an avid Amazon shopper, this would be a great time to have free 2-day shipping due to their week long Black Friday Sale.

Free Amazon Prime with .edu Email Address

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Which usually costs $79 a year. Perks include free 2 day shipping, and $3.99 overnight shipping): (url shortened with

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni might be able to benefit from this too (though the Terms of Service does say they have the right to ask for proof that you are a current student).

I apologize if you have already heard about this amazing deal. I just want to help spread the word on this before they stop offering it. I am not an employee of Amazon, nor do I gain anything from people signing up for this service.

Temple Cats

I started a rescue called Temple Cats to help save the stray and abandoned cats around Temple University - and there are probably hundreds of them, so it's a big job! If you can help in any way (fostering, donating, trapping, advertising, marketing) please check out our website and let me know! And spread the word!

Korean Elements I

Hi, I was wondering: is there anyone who is taking or has taken Korean Elements I?  If so, could you tell me what you learn in the class?  I was registered for it but I had to take the semester off and since I was learning Korean since beginning of summer, I asked the professor if I could take a test to place into the next course or beyond, and I wanted to know what maybe I should study that I haven't already covered...
thank you!


Come join us at our first fall semester meeting if you are a trivia master, if you have ever wanted to be on Jeopardy, or if you like hitting buzzers. We will be having our first mock tournament, so come out and compete against your fellow peers. Show them who's the boss.

The meeting will be held on Thursday October 8, 2009 in Anderson Hall Room 706. FREE FOOD WILL BE PROVIDED.

The Temple Quiz Bowl Club participates in collegiate academic and pop culture tournaments around the area, and we're looking for new members. The next competition we will be competing in is on October 24 at UPenn.

We hope to see you on Thursday!

Contact Dana ( or Chris ( if you have any questions.
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A ton of Temple students participate in this fest (and a temple alum runs it):

Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival (P21Fest)
October 1-4, 2009, All-Day
University City Area, Philadelphia

P21Fest is a celebration of independent film and animation in Philadelphia hosted by Project Twenty1, a volunteer-run arts organization dedicated to inspiring, connecting, exhibiting, and promoting artists from all disciplines. The festival opens with the one-time-only Philadelphia Premiere of "You Might As Well Live" (October 1 @ 7:30 pm) , an off-the-wall comedy where Robert R. Mutt embarks on a madcap adventure to attain the three keys to being a "somebody" - a girl, some money and a championship ring.

Over 50 films will screen over the 4-Day festival, including the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition films, a collection of animated & live action shorts from all over the world based on the common secret element "Key". P21Fest will also host educational workshops, including Pitch Yourself!, a seminar to teach you pitching dos and don't, along with “Speed Networking” (a business card swap similar to the style of speed dating, but more productive)

And if you're into parties, you can't miss “Shorts and Shots” (an open-mic-style casual screening you can BYOShort!) and Friday Night FX (October 2 @ 9:30 pm), a celebration of Special FX Makeup Artists at The Ellen Powell Tiberino Museum.

For tickets, schedule and info, visit