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Temple... We're Just Smarter
Welcome to templeu, LiveJournal's community for Temple University. Anyone who has ever been affiliated or interested in Temple is welcome here.

Philadelphia Related Communities
There are tons of Philadelphia-themed communities out there. You might want to check out:
  • philadelphia - Best place for general Philadelphia commentary and questions
  • philamusicscene - Great place to figure out what music stuff is happening in Philly, and for posting music promotions

Important Official Websites
Temple.edu can be a bit of a maze. You'll probably need these websites at one time or another.

Important Unofficial Websites
We have a few programmers on this community who have made some tools/services to help make your life easier.
  • TUSwap.org - Featured in the "Temple Times" in September and made popular by word of mouth, this site is used for selling/buying books directly from other students, rather than getting ripped off by the book store. Get new book postings/requests on your friends page by reading rss_tuswap
  • tuclasses - Put in your LJ name and the CRN's to your classes to see if any TULJ people are in your class.
  • tuhousing - Find out what TULJ folks are in your dorm.
  • tuwhereami - Bored with an hour to kill? Register here and try to meet up with some bored TULJ people. If you're into that sort of thing.

Sometimes people like to post pictures, which is perfectly fine. Just remember, some people here are poor college students who can't afford bling bling high speed internet, so please type <lj-cut> after the first picture so they don't all appear right on everyone's friends page.

No memes, please!
I'm pretty lenient with what gets posted in the community, but come on. No one cares how much those lyrics moved you or how Philadelphian you are. Keep song lyrics and quiz results in your own journal. Thanks. :)

Keep the ads on-topic!
If you're plugging something going on at or around Temple, fine. Selling something on-campus? Awesome. I'm normally cool with ads for stuff as long as it's at least in Philadelphia, as long as you don't do it too often. (philadelphia would be more appropriate, though.) Unrelated stuff will be deleted. This includes FreeInsert-Something-Here.com referral links and LJ community promotions.

If you have ideas on how to improve this community, feel free to contact cpm.